Hoarders or Hard Time Finding Space – What’s the Truth About Self-Storage for the British?

We’ve often been described as a nation of hoarders in the press, so what’s the truth about our obsession with stuff?

While it’s true that we hold the top spot in Europe for the number of people renting external storage space, we needn’t beat ourselves up, for our homes have on average only 85sqm of floor space, and even less for newbuilds. It’s just not enough space to fit our lives into. Besides, around a third of people taking out storage are using it for their businesses. So it’s not that we are greedy and materialistic!

Self-storage comes to the rescue for people in different times of their life, whether it’s moving house, welcoming someone new into the family, losing an elderly relative or helping them downsize, or a major life change such as a breakup.

If you’re a divorcee and experiencing a breakdown in a relationship, it’s more probable you will take out a storage unit than single or married people. People living alone only account for 23% of storage users.

A surprising 71% of people renting space find themselves in the 40-69 age range. This implies they have grown up families, their babies have flown the nest and left all their mess behind. Therefore, Mum and Dad, who want their home back, may have to find an alternative storage space. This same demographic are also likely to experience the loss of an elderly relative. This means managing those possessions too. Self-storage gives them the luxury of time. You shouldn’t have to make difficult decisions about what to do with all the belongings when you’re emotional.

Finally, 27% of the proud tenants of a storage unit report that they just don’t have enough room at home. Self-storage provides them with essential stability if they are renting and changing homes within quick succession.

What’s your story about storage?

Self Storage in the UK: The Facts