When it all gets too cluttered, pack up your belongings and move them off site so you have room to breathe… and sort.

Affordable storage
for when you declutter

Many of us simply have too many things. It’s not your fault; with the smallest surface area for homes in Europe, it’s no wonder our homes are bursting at the seams. How do you begin to get rid of it all?

Offsite storage units give you the space you need to move out your household over spill and deal with your declutter more tactically. It also means you can take your time when deciding what to get rid of. In an eagerness to create our minimalist haven, people sometimes get rid of possessions they later regret. With storage, you have the best of both worlds; a home you can relax in and the knowledge that you can collect your items any time you miss them. And if you don’t, then you can get rid of them and use your storage room for the things you do want to keep.

Our facilities

Clean, dry, safe & secure

24 hour CCTV & mobile patrols

Each unit individually alarmed

Electronic entry / exit swipe system

Sizes from small locker to double garage

Onsite box shop

Easy in, easy out terms

Flexible costs

Easy access to major routes

*Extended & flexible access hours

*Fork lifts, pallets jacks available

*Delivery acceptance & dispatch service

*Charges may apply

for your first 8 weeks

Our space becomes yours

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of things that can take over your home. Don’t give up home on your perfect home because you don’t want to sacrifice your belongings. If you need a small locker to store a few boxes or a whole garage, we’ve got you covered.

The spaces are well-insulated to keep your beloved things in the best condition for when you want to take them home again. We’re strict about maintaining excellent standards of security with pin access, alarms, CCTV and mobile patrols so you never have to worry about security.

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Decluttering Self Storage

Why choose us when you’re sorting out your home?

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