Choosing your space is an important decision. Too small, and it’s frustrating and not fit for purpose. Too large and you’re wasting your money. Our team will advise on what’s just right.

Size Guide for Storage Units

It’s important you find the right size storage unit for your specific self storage needs. Our team of storage experts are happy to advise you so you find the best household or commercial storage solution. The last thing you want is to pay over and above what you need to on your storage room.

We can give you numbers of square footage, but it doesn’t mean a lot on its own. That’s why we’ve produced these handy size guides to give you some context for each type of storage space. This way, you can picture the kind of size of household and business storage unit you might benefit most from, and what it can contain.

When you have an idea of the size of space you might be interested in, then get a price online or call our team who can offer more information.

Have you found the right unit size
for your storage needs?

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