4 Reasons You Might Need Self Storage When Moving House

Moving house is a stressful time, especially if you don’t have enough space.

At Rent A Space, we find that one of the most common reasons people have for taking out one of our household or domestic storage units is because they are in the process of moving house.

Moving house is a stressful time for pretty much anybody, and it can be made more so if you just don’t have enough space to put everything. That’s where we come in. Our household storage units are perfect for those of you looking to keep your things safe because you’re moving house.

Here’s 4 reasons we might come in useful if you are moving house:

There’s a gap between moving out & moving in

Selling your home and buying a new one can be a pretty lengthy process and quite often there may be a period of time where you have to move out of your old place but you’re not able to move in to the new one just yet. If this happens, what do you do with all of your things? Self storage is the perfect option. Rather than filling up your family’s homes to the rafters for a couple of weeks, place your things in self storage where they will be kept clean, dry and safe, and they won’t get in anyone’s way!

Creating a clutter free image

We Britons love stuff and we have a habit of never throwing anything away. Whilst this is fine in your own home, it can be problematic if you are trying to sell your house. You want to show off how big and spacious it is, but this is tough when you have stuff lining every wall. We often have customers come to us looking to put some of their clutter into self storage whilst they sell their home. That way, the house looks great, and you rest assured your stuff is safe, ready to clutter up your new place!

You’re renovating

There’s plenty of us out there who love a project and often when we buy a house we want to do a lot of work to it before we move in. Whilst this renovating or decorating is taking place, where do you out your things to stop them getting damaged? You leave them with us! If you leave your furniture in our household storage units, it will stay clean and safe whilst you do the building work. When you’re finished, you can pick up your items in the same condition as you left them.

You’re downsizing

Just because you’re moving house, doesn’t mean you are moving to somewhere bigger. Plenty of people downsize when they move and this means there isn’t enough room in the new house for all of their prized possessions. Rather than throwing them out or giving them away, you can put these items into self storage. This means your new downsized home won’t be messy and cluttered, but you know you’ll have access to your things whenever you might need them.

So if you are moving house and 1 or all of these reasons applies to you, you should think about self storage with Rent A Space.

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