Your 2019 Gardening Design Cheat Sheet

It’s very exciting time to be green-fingered. There is so much innovation and creativity going into our outdoor spaces, with homeowners trying their hand at growing their own food and encouraging wildlife while still maintaining a stunning aesthetic to provide a visual feast for the eyes.

To see what’s in this year with regard to garden designs, we’ve curated the latest trends for you right here.


Starting off with the right theme will help you make those important shopping choices.

Whereas last year’s themes heavily emphasised the “inside out” phenomenon, (okay I did just make that term up), the trends governing this year’s garden choices are more globally motivated.

Garden zoning

Splitting off your garden into different sections for unique purposes is very in, with gardeners dividing up their green spaces for some luxury “me-time”, whether it’s for a daily yoga retreat or an intimate space for enjoying a cuppa and a newspaper. This way, the kids still have their toys and football pitch and there’s a place for the veg patch and wildlife.

Climate change gardens

The weather isn’t what it was, and people are wise to the fact that they don’t want plants that are going to require special measures to survive with the use of specialised watering systems. Instead, they prefer plants that will match our weather patterns and not use up valuable energy.

Grow your own

With the rise of veganism and a shift towards the organic, shunning pesticides and GM foods, it’s no wonder homeowners are having a go at growing their own produce in their backyards. Any available space, including patio pots and window boxes, will serve as your kitchen garden for high-quality meals.


Gone with the manicured lawns, homeowners want to make space for the little critters who owned the land first.  Meadow spots in your borders, or around trees to attract, insects and encourage pollination is where UK gardeners are at.

“Nearly 70% of British gardeners buy food for wildlife or provide a home for wildlife in their garden.”

Wyvale gardening experts.

Outdoor entertaining

It’s still a thing and shows no sign of going anywhere yet. People love to entertain friends and family, and why restrict yourself to your living room? With a BBQ, comfy outdoor furniture and a fire pit or a pizza oven, you’re set for the best family gatherings yet.

Celebrating the front garden

Too long neglected as the place to park your car, it’s time to make something of it. Brightly-coloured hanging baskets, bay trees and creative paving should all be on your to-do list to elicit the right first impression from visitors. Those hailing from the Smoke are putting the rest of us to shame with their love of window boxes, so let’s make an effort to catch them up.


The bolder the better. Gone with your pinks and blues, now reds, oranges and jewel colours are ruling the flower beds. But stick with the pinks and blues a tiny bit longer as hydrangeas are popular this summer.


Architecture plants

For dividing and creating flow in an outdoor or conservatory space, large-leaved plants are hot stuff.

Large pots

To grow your own natural goodies in your front garden and on the patio. Think about apples, apricots and cherries for starters.

Twin plants

Bay trees bought in duos are seen by those in outdoor garden sales. It’s a great way to bookend your front door. And of course, you can’t have just one handing basket or odd plants in them! Which leads us to…

Hanging baskets and window boxes

To help make a splash when people walk past your house, or even when you arrive home after a busy day at work. Don’t forget to make sure the flowers are fragrant so you get the joy of scent as well as beauty.

Sheds for a timely escape

Wendy houses are not just for the little ones any more. Now grownups are having all the fun with picturesque garden structures. The more fairytale, the better.

Feature storage

And the same goes for those unsightly garden tool boxes – Have fun with them and make them a feature instead of a blot on your lawn.

Firepits and pizza ovens

Make your garden your home from home. Why not? This is a great way to pretend you’re on your jollies. After you’ve spent your life savings on garden furniture, you’re going to need to.

Asymmetric paving stones, log walls and stone walls

Because they’re fun to look at and embrace natural materials.


There are two things that have become apparent within this year’s garden trends. While we’re enjoying creating a space for relaxation and entertainment, we are also reclaiming our own little corners of the earth for the enjoyment of our wild friends.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you can’t always make storage glam. Yet, this shouldn’t stop you loving the look of your garden. Let us keep your spare furniture and garden tools safe with us so you can enjoy your outdoor retreat.


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