7 Ways You Can Update Your Living Space During Lockdown

Lockdown has meant many of us are spending time within the same four walls. In many cases, this is shared with a household of restless inmates family members. With only one permitted outing a day and nowhere of any interest to visit, the home becomes a multipurpose space for work, school, exercise and leisure. It’s understandable it might all begin to look a bit samey by week 5.

But with many limitations being placed on online shopping for DIY stores, and among those, some shops are only offering a small selection of their usual stock, you’ll struggle to get paint and other decorating must-haves.

So, what do you do to break up the monotony in your home?


Rearrange and Reshuffle

Nothing lasts forever, so why not make it fun? Rearrange your furniture to breathe an air of novelty into your tired home space. Simply changing the items around can clear your headspace too, leading to new ideas when you’re struggling to work from home.

Why not go a step further and actually swap items between rooms? See how one set of furniture and accessories suits a different backdrop? Or if that seems too much, start small with just a painting or a vase. Small switches can help you see your home anew.


Get Out Those Books and Personal Artefacts

Isn’t it exciting to get a glimpse of everyone’s home office, from senior politicians to health care managers to celebrities? You get an insight into everyone’s personality that you wouldn’t normally have unless you were a close friend. It’s curious to differentiate the minimalists who have just a houseplant and an armchair on show to the curators with a selection of hand-picked items documenting their life story to date. And the bookworms who sit in vast libraries showcasing their intellectual credentials. Which one are you? A handful of books in different colour jackets of the hard-back variety can add a touch of colour to an otherwise minimal space and replace ornaments. Use them to rest a miniature vase with just a single flower. Find items that tell a story about you, such as a treasured antique or a beloved photo frame and pop them in strategic places that your eyes rest on to make you feel joy more often.


Create a family montage

Building on the above point, it’s everyone’s home, the kids too, so while everyone is at home feeling sad and missing friends and elderly relatives, unable to go swimming or drink a giant slushy at the cinema, turn home into a celebrative atmosphere for everyone. Get each member in the house to bring an item into the living space that means something to them. It could be a special trophy or a football scarf. Give each article a proud place in your communal areas. Everyone can get some pleasure from looking at these treasures and sharing special memories while in lockdown.


Install a cosy nook

Finding our own new ways to love our home and feel safe is essential during scary times. The layout of the house may well have changed with makeshift home offices in the dining room and temporary classrooms in the kitchen. The house must also adapt for these crazy circumstances to encourage moments of reflection, gratitude and peace. One way to do this is to carve out a corner for reading, looking at photo albums or doing a therapeutic activity such as colouring. Choose an area in your home that’s not in the main thoroughfare. It could be a window seat or the spot where the Christmas tree usually goes. Get a throw, some cushions and a little box of inspiration to nurture calming activities.


Dig out your candles

Every year, some well-meaning soul gets you a scented candle, but when do you get the time to relax with a tealight or one of its larger cousins? Now is that time. Taking our cue from Scandinavia, why not light candles in the evening to create a cosier atmosphere, or even at breakfast time, like the Danes, to add a unique touch to the start of each day?


Bring the Outside In

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you have an abundance of ornamentation you can exploit for your interior. Whether you’ve got some foliage you want to install for some pops of colour or foliage to expand your garden inwards, the fact that all the homewares stores are closed for business shouldn’t be a problem.


Make Your Own

With everyone’s claims to be using lockdown wisely to brush up on their artistic skills or writing books, why not design something for your own home? It needn’t be anything elaborate, but if you’ve got some board that’s not currently doing anything or you have an old chair you want to refurbish, you could always have a go and see what comes out? No-one’s expecting Banksy – Just have fun. At least then you can say you achieved a little something during quarantine.


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