Thrifty Tips to Get You Through January

It’s nearly mid-January, are you starting to feel that pinch around your purse strings?

Does the indulgence of Christmas seem a distant memory while you polish off the last of your chocolate box and eat crackers and cheese for dinner for the fourth time this week?

Most of us don’t remember this feeling in December when you rely on your early paycheck to purchase the lion’s share of your presents (okay, some people are more organised than that!). That said, it is a reality that January is the only month of the year where being broke at the start of the month is not really a sign you need to see a financial advisor to help you out, it’s just part of life.

So, to help you get through to the end of the month without too much of an overdraft, we have put together some thrifty ideas that will be your life raft til February.


Use what food You already have

Liverpool storage expert Cal read on that as a nation, we chuck £60 worth of food on a monthly basis. Just think, that’s a fair old amount of food you already have, so make the most of the stockpiles in your larder and refrigerator to explore your culinary prowess. If you’re like my friend Kate, and you explored it and found your cooking skills were firmly in the “can’t cook” category rather than the “won’t cook”, you should check out to get some ideas for recipes that use up your cupboard finds.


Cancel direct debits

You know how it feels on payday and you see all that money in your account? Only for it to evaporate on the first of the month when your mortgage provider, electricity company, gym and Netflix all take their share? Back to square minus £100 at this point. Pay close attention to your bank statements and see what subscriptions you are no longer making good use of. January is a time for fresh starts, so if it’s not giving your life any value, it’s time to cut your ties and cancel the burdensome direct debits.


Give up the booze for January

While many of our friends are prone to take a post-holiday detox at this stage of the year, it doesn’t do your bank balance any harm either. If you love going out every weekend, why not try exercising some restraint for just one month so your finances are back to optimum health in time for February?

Giving up the G&Ts for just one month could save you as much as £120. And in any case, January is a horrible month to go out. It’s better to stay snug and warm at home to catch up on your Christmas box sets.


Limit Takeaways and Take Your Own Lunch to Work

Wondered what’s gobbling your money up? It could very well be you.

It’s so much more exciting buying lunch out and about than making a sandwich at home, but you will save a lot more pennies doing so. Likewise, if getting a takeaway is family tradition, why not spend Saturday night in front of the Voice with a shop bought pizza or do like the Norwegians, and eat home-made tacos on Friday night.


Stay Away from the Shops and the Internet

This time of year is full of sales and exciting offers. If you don’t go near the shops, you can’t see all the sales signs. And if you can’t help going online, install an ad blocker so you don’t fall prey to the “unmissable” deals. The deals will come back round another time of the year when you’re feeling a little more in the market for buying.


What are your thrifty tips for getting you through the post-Christmas money drought?


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