This One Item Can Instantly Upgrade Your Home Décor

This One Item Can Instantly Upgrade Your Home Décor

Got no time or money for redecorating? You may already have what you need to update your home décor.

Instead of a design-heavy approach to your home refresh, you may want to keep it simple and add interest and intrigue with this one key feature.

We’re talking about the “shelfie.”

This term was popularised by the Instagram trend for taking photos of your visually-appealing bookshelves. It doesn’t just have to be a bookshelf though – You can store a range of items to double up as an ornamental feature.

Shelfies are a fun, creative way to tell your story and put those holiday keepsakes to good use.

Here are a few tips if you’re thinking of trying one out for yourself.

Mount your shelf

It goes without saying, but you need a shelf. This may be an existing bookcase, a window sill or a worktop surface, but you may have to mount it. Be careful and check there is no wiring in the area you wish to drill.

Decide a theme

Themes can be a topic you’re currently interested in, a place you’ve visited or family adventures. Whatever it is, choose a theme you love remembering and design your beautiful homage.

Choose your colour scheme

Pick your colour scheme and stick to it – Whether it’s a rainbow theme or a vibrant contrast between two opposing colours, embrace it and go with it. Pick objects in those colours or paint your shelf in that style. You could paint the edge of the shelf in your accent colour for a quirky touch.

Pick objects you love

Choose the items that resonate with you most. When you own items that have no practical use, it’s hard to know what to do with them. Yet you don’t want to throw them out. What do you do? Stick them in a drawer? At the same time, however, people buy ornaments to decorate a mantlepiece. What is the point of that? Turn the objects you love into statement pieces you can admire all the time.

Use what you already have

A shelfie is about displaying objects you already own in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s a sustainable method of decorating your space without buying new objects. The fun of putting together your shelfie display is in the curation of a good tale, so souvenirs, drawings, prints and beautiful envelopes are all welcome additions, as are candlesticks and ornaments you can’t bear to part with.

This is one ingredient to update your home and it can work in any room in the house, so why not try it out and send us a picture on Facebook?

If you’ve got a lot of objects you love and nowhere to keep them, we can look after them for you in one of our secure storage rooms. Give the team a call or get an online price.

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