Summer Design Trends for Your Home

Summer Design Trends for Your Home

Time is a confusing thing – It feels as though we’ve been in lockdown for over a year now and indeed that this is how it’s always been. Therefore, it may surprise you to know that it’s summer and the world of home décor has not, in fact, stopped turning.

Let’s, therefore, remind ourselves of what we are supposed to be doing with our homes and reflect on what lockdown has taught us about how we use our home spaces.

Life after lockdown: what does this mean for our homes?

Homes are not simply places to be and relax anymore – They fulfil many purposes, including work and gym. Realising that our homes are in no way fit for all of these purposes, designers are now having to innovate and update our vision for a house.

While you may not have spent so much time at home before, short of places to go out to, the house has become the prime entertainment space and families have reverted to the tradition of spending time doing activities or recreation in the same room.

What should we be doing with our interior projects for Summer 2020 and beyond?

Embrace communal spaces

 We need to decide how our communal spaces can best serve a variety of needs at one time. Can one space double up as a home office? Can we get rid of the cumbersome furniture for more lightweight items that can be moved easily if you want to do a home workout? How can you incorporate nooks and snugs to offer a sense of privacy when you want to read your book while someone else is working? This is about rewiring our brains in terms of how we think about home. Clever architects offer versatile solutions, for example, cupboards that open into a desk for a mini home office that can be put to bed after 5 o’clock.

Welcome Back Tradition

After two decades of minimalism, we’ve all got a bit bored of seeing white everywhere and generally feeling as though we’re in a museum foyer. While we rightly eschewed 70s and 80s design and pared it right back, designers are encouraging us to invite some of those traditional features back in the form of printed wallpaper, large scale floral designs, wicker and chinoiserie.

Instagram has given rise to the “grandmillennial”, a person in their 20s or 30s with a strong appreciation for chintz, treillage, needlepoint and fringe features – This goes beyond simply vintage styling that we’re already familiar with.

Before you run scared, it isn’t essential to make your home look like Granny’s living room entirely, but don’t be afraid to make your house feel like a home again.

Before you go out and buy tea cosies and knitting needles, all you want to do is rehome a few objects on your shelves that have previously been relegated to the garage. Think holiday souvenirs and those miniature Grecian vases.

Paint our walls bright colours

This isn’t simply a case of accent walls – In the wave of this new maximalism, it’s okay, and in fact desirable, to paint your walls, ceilings and skirting boards in bold colours. Monochromatics are back in a big way – But only if it’s bright and colourful. Whites and greys are in the doghouse, so it’s time to be brave. Think cobalt blue, or the latest Pantone colour palette, which has reds, oranges and pinks. If you’re feeling a little shy, Blueberry is a sophisticated backdrop for an orange or ochre accent.

Colour blocks can also be employed on large rugs, tiling or patterned wallpaper. If you’re too scared to commit to a permanent feature, then use colourful accessories to ease your way in.

Adopt nature into your living space

This is not exactly a new trend, but like plants, it just keeps on growing. Whether you want to opt for a living wall or just dot a few pots about the place, you’ll feel invigorated by a natural touch of green. The colour is associated with high energy and creativity. Plants also purify the air making you healthy inside. Suspended planters have been listed as Etsy’s 5th most popular home décor trend.

Use performance fabrics

Owning a home is a compromise between having a lounge area the kids can play in and a place you can enjoy looking at once the kids have gone to bed, but what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Performance fabrics are designed with actual living in mind. These are materials which are easy to clean, robust but are also beautiful to look at. Perfect, even, if you have cats and dogs. These fabrics can be used on your cushions, upholstery and curtains.

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