Home from university? You need student storage

Any parent of a university student will know that each summer they return with a car full of stuff. We think you could so with some student storage.

When you move  away to university, you undoubtedly acquire all sorts of possessions. Kitchen equipment, bedsheets and duvets, books, DVDs and all kinds of essential student things. But, most university students move each year and spend the summers in between at home, usually taking all their student stuff with them.

Undoubtedly, this stuff ends up cluttering the garage, or the attic or any section of spare space in your house. By the end of the summer, you’re counting the days till they go back to university so you stop tripping over their things on the stairs! What you need is somewhere you can leave this stuff whilst at home, somewhere it will be looked after without getting in anyone’s way.

You need student storage

We have a solution for you that means you can enjoy the summer with your family without worrying about the lack of space. Our household & domestic storage allows you to put away your student essentials for the summer until you move again in September.

Whilst with us, your student essentials will be kept clean and dry and monitored 24 hours by our state of the art CCTV. And, if at any point throughout the summer you need to get anything out of your storage unit, just pop in. We have staff onsite 7 days a week and extended access 24 hours a day so that’s no problem at all.

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