What You Can Do to Alleviate the Stress of Working from Home

Rent A Space provides office space for people who work solo but don’t like working from home. Just because you’re a one-man band doesn’t mean you can’t have friends, right?

Sometimes the loneliness and isolation is just too much.

In these uncertain times when the prime minister has encouraged professionals to avoid coming into the office, where does that leave those of us who prefer a more sociable work dynamic such as coworking spaces and cafes?

Here are some nuggets of comfort you should take seriously when feeling imprisoned in your home office.


It’s not just you working from home

Everyone is in the same boat – Those of us who are able to work from home are told to do so. We want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting poorly, so we need to remember why this is a necessary precaution. Knowing that other people are experiencing this must surely help you to feel less isolated.


You can be creative

Now is the time to turn working from home on its head. With an abundance of tools at our disposal, we can make the physical distance disappear. Consider getting a group together of your coworking friends and agree to “meet” online each day. Have your lunches together like you do every day, but just sat at different desks. Keep in touch via Skype chat if you need some banter to get you through the work day.


You can take a break when you like

Part of the reason many of us don’t like working from home so much is the feeling that we’re unproductive when not in a “work” environment. Break your day up into chunks where you would normally have a coffee break with your coworkers. When you’ve finished an hour of work, reward yourself.


You don’t have to listen to other people’s phone calls

One irritating aspect of any work environment is having to be party to other people’s one-sided phone chats. When it doesn’t concern you, it’s just a distracting noise stopping you from getting on with your work. In your own home, you don’t have to worry about that, and that’s something to be a little thankful for, even when you hate working from home.


You can save time on the commute to the office

We all love getting out and about and feeling ready for action, but commuting is time-consuming and costly. Think of the pennies you’re saving and keep them in a pot for a treat once all this is over and you’re back in your favourite office. Plus, it’s an extra half hour in bed.


Rent A Space Advice for Working from Home Productively


Create a designated space in your home for work

Try to establish boundaries between where you work and where you relax. Ensure other people in your home are aware that you are working and you don’t want to be interrupted.


Establish boundaries around your home/work time

Just as you would leave your office at five o’clock, apply the same principle of clocking off in your home. Do an activity that breaks you out of the work mindset, for example, run a bath, go for a walk or try a home workout – Anything that shifts the gears in your brain out of work mode.


Get showered and dressed for work every morning

Treat your day like any other workday – Be clean, smart and ready. Working in your pyjamas is not going to help you do your best work, as fun as it might sound.


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