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Some of the Strangest Things Found in Storage Units!

Storage Units can be a treasure trove of weird and wonderful surprises, if you have watched an episode of Storage Hunters you will know what we mean…With that in mind, we thought we would explore some of the most unusual, valuable or downright weird things that have been found in units around the world!

James Bonds Submarine Lotus

In 1989 a unit was purchased at auction for $100, after breaking the lock to see what was inside the owner was shocked to find the futuristic Lotus Sports Car Submarine specially made for the James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. The car was 1 of 8 made for the film, and until this moment was the only one still missing! This particular car was then sold to Tesla’s Elon Musk for a modest $997,000. 

Secret Unreleased MJ Tracks

Michael Jackson, arguably (or not) the biggest pop sensation of all time. Superfans will know all of this tracks, but not the 250 songs found inside this storage unit! Previously belonging to Jacksons father, the unit contained hundreds of unreleased demos, even including duets with Tina Turner. During the time these were written MJ was between recording contracts so the songs went unheard for years.

A leg…

Okay we said things were going to get weird. After purchasing a unit and finding an old BBQ smoker inside, the American resident opened it up to find something he didn’t expect… A human LEG, wrapped in foil. With no explanation he contacted the police who managed to track down the owner of the leg, but even stranger yet the new owner refused to give it up, instead charging people admission to see the leg in the unit! 

The ORIGINAL Superman Comic

In 2011, a man in California purchased the contents of the unit and inside found the No1 copy of Action Comics – the very first original Superman. After trying to sell it, it came to light that the copy was actually stolen from Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage back in 2000, who purchased the comic book for $1,000,000 back in 1995. 


Yes, thats right. A family was told that their unit would be sold off since they fell behind with their payments. The contents of the unit was pretty standard, apart from one thing… A blue coffin containing the skeleton of their Grandma! The grandparent had passed away in 1995 and had been stored in the unit for 17 years as the family said they couldn’t bare to let her go. 

Going out with a bang

Finally.. at a storage auction in Michigan the new owner got a bit of a shock when he opened a box and discovered a live hand grenade! The area was immediately evacuated and the bomb squad came out to safely remove the device before anyone could get hurt. 

I think we’d have preferred to find the leg…

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