Shrewsbury Store Makes Space for Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Shrewsbury Store Makes Space for Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Giving generously this Christmas is easier than ever. Our Shrewsbury store is now a drop-off point for the much-loved shoebox appeal this Christmas.

Lots of space

One thing we don’t have a shortage of is storage space.  Therefore it made perfect sense for us to team up with the Samaritan’s Purse to collect and store shoeboxes. This is all part of their famous appeal, Operation Christmas Child. The Samaritan’s Purse will then deliver these magical boxes of wonder to children of all ages living in other countries.

Operation Christmas Child provides international aid

The Samaritan’s Purse provides relief to children in need across the globe. Their shoebox appeal encourages those of us in the UK to share festive generosity with those living in less fortunate situations throughout the world.

Perhaps you remember wrapping a shoebox laden with gifts during your childhood or maybe you are an annual donor. For those unfamiliar with the campaign, the principle is simple and beautiful.

What to donate in your shoebox

You pack a shoebox with a few basic items suitable for a girl or boy in a chosen age bracket. Items can be as simple as a toothbrush, soap, pens or pencils. The charity encourages people to pack a toy that the child will treasure. Items like a doll, truck, yo-yo or skipping rope.

These are inexpensive items we can get hold of so easily, yet this often means we take them for granted. This project helps our children appreciate what they have when they realise other children can’t access these everyday objects so easily. There are restrictions on what you are able to pack, so boxes will be checked to remove any prohibited items such as toys that promote violence, or articles that breach customs regulations, for example, sweets and toothpaste.

Why not put in a handwritten letter as a hello and introduction to the child who will be opening up your box?

Getting hold of shoeboxes

If you’re anxious about having to buy a pair of shoes just to find a suitable box, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered – We have a whole batch of empty shoeboxes at the store waiting to be filled.

The sky is the limit

Leah from the Shrewsbury store tells us, “The thought of children opening all of those boxes at Christmas fills us with absolute joy. Filling a shoebox doesn’t have to be expensive and yet it will mean so much to the child who opens it. Just a small toy or puzzle, some hygiene items and stationery in each box is all that’s required and what a difference it could make. The sky is the limit for the amount of shoeboxes we can store here so we’d welcome all of our customers and residents of Shropshire to take part in this lovely cause.”

You can leave your lovingly packed parcels from today until 18th November. If you’re feeling the spirit of Christmas, please consider preparing a shoebox for this wonderful cause.

Read up on what to pack.

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