Affordable Office Space In Shrewsbury

At our brand new, purpose built Shrewsbury facility,  we have a range of office space available to solve your business needs.

Whether your business is just getting going, expanding or you require a temporary office, Rent A Space’s flexible leases and adaptable spaces can do the job. Our modern and secure Shrewsbury office spaces are available with trouble-free rental and affordable prices, so we’ve got everything your business needs.

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Office space Shrewsbury: Helping business thrive

As a business committed to growing in Shrewsbury, we love the opportunity to provide space for other businesses. With our history of providing business space, we’ve seen small seed become big success because they had flexible office space or business storage that grew with them. Because of this, we ensure that businesses and companies can rent make the space they need with our modern, flexible and secure office space with Rent A Space Shrewsbury.

Why our office space?

We’ve found that these are some of the reasons people have for using our office space Shrewsbury:

  • Affordable space
  • Flexible leases
  • Easy access business storage
  • Great working environment
  • No extra security fees

Complete office space Shrewsbury

Rent A Space aim to provide most practical, modern and secure space for you, so let us know what you need and we will work to make your perfect space. We want the businesses that rent office space at Rent A Space to thrive so whatever we can do to help you do that, we will.
Find our more about Rent A Space Shrewsbury or get a quote today by calling us on  01743 491490.

shrewsbury office space security

Safe and secure office space in Shrewsbury

We know that if you choose Rent A Space Shrewsbury office space, you’re entrusting us with your business premises. We ensure that security is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art Shrewsbury facility includes an extensive alarm system, 24 hour CCTV and access to individual units is granted via pin code, meaning access to them is exclusively for you.

shrewsbury office space storage

Extensive and flexible space in Shrewsbury

Our modern, serviced office space in Shrewsbury can be tailored so you can optimise the space you need. At Rent A Space Shrewsbury, it’s simple to rent one of our business storage units as well, to give you a little extra space. This means that all you need is at our Shrewsbury facility.

shrewsbury office space practical

Flexible and effective office space

Our Shrewsbury office units are modern, practical and secure space and the perfect base for your business. We also offer on-site parking, around the clock CCTV and all utility bills and any extra security are taken care of, so Rent A Space is the perfect solution for your business.

shrewsbury office space contact

Our range of office space in Shrewsbury

So if you are looking for flexible and modern office space in Shrewsbury, Rent A Space is the best option for business premises. Get a quote online or talk to Rent A Space Shrewsbury directly on 01743 491490 to find out how we can fulfil your Office Space needs in Shrewsbury today. Get a quote online or talk to Rent A Space Shrewsbury directly on 01743 491490 to find out how we can fulfil your office space Shrewsbury needs today.

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