Rent A Space Self-Storage Shrewsbury: What You Can Expect

Rent A Space Self-Storage Shrewsbury: What You Can Expect

Self-Storage is something we often turn to during periods of upheaval, whether it’s in house moves or changes in our relationships or families. Sales director Leah gives us the low-down on self-storage at Rent A Space Shrewsbury.

Home storage is not something people tend to think about when they are going about the general course of their life.

Yet storage is something we will turn to, whether it’s in house moves or changes in our relationships. Perhaps you’re moving country or are welcoming a new family member into the fold.

Whatever it is, it’s helpful to know what your options are if ever you need to store a few or more of your items.

Sales director, Leah, from Rent A Space Shrewsbury sheds some light on the many reasons people take out storage units at the facility on Battlefield Road, from decluttering to moving away.


She also explains the great many benefits there are to be had at Shrewsbury, from flexible storage options, bespoke self-storage insurance packages and the host of security and surveillance features present in the facility.


Yet, what sets Rent A Space apart is not only the flexible terms and excellent security systems. The community feel among the tenants is paramount. The business tenants have formed a networking hive and share ideas on marketing as well as supporting each other as customers.

Rent A Space’s business family includes e-commerce sellers, ebay traders, and those with enviable retail spaces: a florist, VR experience centre, IT repair services, a security company, pet food suppliers and more.

What next?

In time for its 3rd birthday, Shrewsbury Rent A Space is undergoing an expansion. This will nearly double its current offering, adding 300 more units to the current site. This is great news for those who’ve previously sought space and been turned away due to full occupancy.

Leah also reveals the strangest use of a storage space at this particular storage facility. Can you guess what it might be? Watch the full interview to find out.

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