Practical Ways to Overcome the Winter Blues

If Blue Monday seemed to drag on all week and a combination of the shorter days, the nearly-snow and your depleted finances are getting you down, there are things you can do to ease the melancholy. We’ve picked three of the best to help you ease into 2019 with a positive mindset.

Write down your goals for the year ahead and commit to them.

Perhaps you have always wanted to visit a place and you haven’t managed it yet. Maybe a new home project is itching to get started or you have been meaning to visit an old friend for way too long. Be daring. It could be you have always wanted to run a marathon but can barely make it to the bus stop without breaking into a sweat. Or you want to take up a painting class even though you’ve told yourself and everyone else you can only draw stick men. Be bold, take up the challenge and commit.

Break the goals into smaller steps and give them a deadline. For example, if you want to run that marathon, when would you like to run it? Put the date on your calendar. Start with running just a little. By the end of February, maybe you’re only running 2 kilometres. In May, you may get together with some friends to participate in a Race for Life. Find a running buddy to keep you sticking to your goals.  Most importantly, reward yourself for every milestone you hit (even if it’s literally every mile you accomplish).

By having an objective and a plan of action, you will feel more positive than simply dreaming about doing it one day.

Work out every day you feel sad

This isn’t meant to be a post about fitness, but if you are feeling listless and lacking in motivation, going to the gym or a salsa class can help get you out of your own head. Not only is it a proven way to release endorphins, which are one of our feelgood hormones and an instant mood enhancer, but it works like a gear switch lifting you from one state of mind to another. It’s impossible to worry about the future, finances, the broken-down boiler or your friend being a bit off with you lately when you’re trying to survive this set of burpees or master that Susie Q.

If you’re too shy to enter a gym or swim in your local leisure centre, there are fitness DVDs, YouTube channels, apps and online programmes you can follow from the comfort of your living room.

Clear out the old and invite in the new

As much as we derive joy from a lot of the things we own, we have to be honest and admit when the relationship is no longer a good fit.

Sometimes we hold on to items that remind us of who we were in the past. Other times, we buy materials for a project we hope to begin sometime in the future. Whatever it is, if it doesn’t relate to who we are in the present moment, it doesn’t belong.

Embrace the person you are today and let go of the possessions that have come to possess you instead. Don’t be tethered to dreams you had in the past. Have a good clear out of the old things and make way for a new unburdened you.

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