Our Ideal Business Storage Customers: Why Your Company Needs Commercial Storage

Our Ideal Business Storage Customers: Why Your Company Needs Commercial Storage

Most people are familiar with using self-storage for their domestic situations but who are our business storage customers?

With the imminent arrival of our new storage rooms, we thought we’d turn our focus to business storage, which you probably don’t think about so much.

So why would a business need storage?

Just like with homes, office space is highly in demand. Even as we transition to paperless offices, we are creating more paper resources than ever. According to CIO, “a company might spend as much as $27,000 per year on document-management systems and maintenance for an average of 5,000 pages per month.”

And just like homeowners, businesses make use of a lot of equipment that they might not need to get hold of all year round.

So, who might need business storage? Here are a few ideas of the types of company that may find a second home at Rent A Space.

Business Storage Customers

E-Bay Traders

Having an eBay sideline is more and more common. If you need to subsidise your pension or save up for a special trip and your current salary just isn’t covering it, sourcing clothes and other second-hand objects might be the ideal way to bring you that extra income.

But as with any online seller, you need to make room in your home for all the goods you have accumulated. A stressful job requires a sanctuary you can relax in. If there’s merchandise strewn all over your living room, then your stress levels will be increased from the chaos, not to mention from arguments with the other occupants.


If you like to make jewellery, cards or clothes, then you need somewhere to store all your craft materials, finished products and even somewhere to work from. Once hobbies become out of hand and you start getting orders in, it’s hard to keep track of everything in your living quarters. That little bureau is too minute. The dining room table is needed for Sunday roast and cutting out faces on pumpkins. Furthermore, once your deliveries start arriving, you could do with someone signing for your parcels so you don’t have to stay in and wait. With business storage, you have the option of letting us take your deliveries at reception.

Online Retailers

If you’ve managed to build up a business online selling physical products, you need a warehouse to store all your inventory to free up your garage. Not only that, but we can provide the spare pair of hands needed for taking stock deliveries. You can also make use of our onsite forklift truck and pallet jack for placing large quantities of items in your storage room.

Solicitors Firms, Accountants, Recruitment and Human Resources

The last one is a bit of a trick, because what company doesn’t have human resources? No company is fully automated as far as we know.

All businesses are required to keep records on staff and payment information for HMRC. Some businesses have more staff than others, and many are subject to other tight regulations.

You can imagine the wealth of paperwork a solicitors’ firm has to retain with all their case files. Now consider what it would be like to free your office of the mountains of paperwork so you can enjoy more private offices or even breakout areas. Business storage gives you this option.

Event Companies and Home Stagers

Event management businesses, wedding planners and party planners all need somewhere to keep their enormous supply of furniture, props and decorations when they’re not in use.

In the same way, if your job involves staging furniture in homes or decorating shop windows, where do you keep all your additional items that aren’t needed at a particular time?

Theatre Companies

Props, backdrops and costumes need to live somewhere. Many companies only hire space for rehearsals and performance venues are not going to let you store your articles indefinitel. Therefore, an affordable storage room is ideal.

Any business that lets their staff celebrate Christmas.

Of course, there is no business that doesn’t let their staff celebrate Christmas. Unless, of course, you work for Ebenezer Scrooge. However, that’s a lot of decorations to keep for the rest of the year. Why not relieve your over-utilised cupboards of the burden of keeping the false Christmas tree, the fairy lights and the abundance of tinsel and wall decorations.

Why store your business property at Rent A Space?

You get more space in your office

You can use the space you save in your office for more exciting reasons, like a breakout zone, extra offices or just the chance to feel a little less cosy with your work colleagues.

Your items are kept safe and dry

Lofts, cupboards, sheds and outbuildings may solve the problem of where to keep everything that’s not currently useful, but can you guarantee they won’t get damp, moth-eaten and mildewy? With our storage rooms, your goods will remain in the best possible condition so you don’t return to any ugly or smelly surprises.


In a storage room, you have your own alarm with pin access. The site is subject to 24-hour monitoring and CCTV with patrols. Once you move in with us, you’ll take out self-storage insurance for your peace of mind, and if anything goes wrong, there are staff onsite to take care of it.


Business storage is the sensible and affordable option to increase your own, your family’s or your staff’s happiness, be GDPR-compliant and keep your items clean and dust-free.

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