Moving House? Why You Shouldn’t Unpack Your Belongings Straightaway

A typical scene when you’re moving house: boxes stacked as high as the ceiling.

Where’s your favourite mug, and for that matter, the kettle?

Far from feeling “at home” in your new surroundings, the scene that greets you is chaos.

So why do we insist on transporting all our belongings from the old house to the new, when for weeks at a time, the home surroundings are just not fit for purpose?

Instead of transporting all your packed up possessions to your new house, wouldn’t it make more sense to set up your house slowly, bringing with you a few boxes of essential items, alarm clock, clothes, a kettle, sofa, the TV and a few toiletries?

For starters:

When packing, box your things into categories labelled “kitchen”, “living room” etc. Where possible, keep an inventory of your items on an Excel spreadsheet or in a paper file, along with the box number.

Don’t mix your absolute essential items up with all your other boxes. Wallets, keys, driving licences, passports, paper documents and medication should be within easy reach and kept with you in your car when you move out, i.e. not in the removal van.

As for all your non-essential items, this may seem like unconventional wisdom, but don’t take them to your house. Instead, why not consider dropping them off in storage?

Live in harmony with your new surroundings

Given the chance, you would rather enjoy your new home than be tripping over boxes. Therefore take advantage of an off-site storage unit such as Rent A Space to keep your home box situation manageable.

Some of the less organised readers will take months to unpack their possessions, so take the pressure away and learn about what you can really live without?

Gives you more time to decide what you really need

Many people fall prey to panic packing. The house move date looming over them triggers organisation paralysis. Before you know it, you’re throwing everything in boxes without a real chance to decide what to keep and what has served its purpose.

Your home should be about the things you love, not a shelter for unwanted junk you’re too overwhelmed to deal with.

Storage “No-man’s land” could be the perfect setting to view your possessions without the sentimental eyes of home.

Get to know your home canvas to create interior design

Living without your boxed up booty may make your home seem a little stark. However what it does provide you with is the opportunity to assess your canvas and consider how your new décor will look before your possessions are in situ.

You can also take it a step further and begin the process of revamping the space without the inconvenience of moving your things out of the way.

It may not be the most typical way to unpack your belongings, but these are just three advantages to taking a more staged approach to moving house. If it’s something you would like to try, why not give us a call to reserve your storage unit?


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