Interior Design Styles Cheat Sheet: Bohemian, Minimalism and Vintage

Love interior design styles but no idea what school is most in line with your philosophies and visual preferences?

You’re not alone. Unless you spend time pouring over home magazines, it’s difficult to know what your next project should look like. Or perhaps you find you’re mixing them up?

This first in our two articles on interior design styles, we break it down the most popular design styles, starting with three you may know a little about already, before moving onto the styles that trip up amateur designers.


Bohemian living space



The boho style experienced something of a hiatus from the early 2000s until now, but happily, it’s back in our homes and in our hearts.

Boho appears to be thrown together to give a relaxed, cosy feel, defying conventions and allowing the resident to firmly stamp their personality onto a room.

While boho is unique to each individual, don’t be fooled into thinking you can really just throw everything together. It requires conscious thought and curation to bring about a chilled vibe, or it will just end up looking cluttered.

The hallmark of boho is layering of textures plus mixing and matching colours for a living montage.


Furniture has to be as near to the ground as possible, reminiscent of Eastern-inspired living rooms, so pouffes and large floor cushions are welcome. Also, consider chaise longues. Lighting requires the use of multiple lamps, Moroccan lanterns and candles.


Jewel colours such as rich reds, greens and purples excite the senses in the boho home. Even oranges and pinks will find their place. To prevent it from becoming too busy, a neutral backdrop such as grey or white can provide negative space to allow your curated objects space to breathe.


Boho is all about the texture. There is no room for minimalism. Decorate liberally with your cushions, throws and rugs and elaborate wall hangings


Oh there are so many: plants, throws, large cushions, Moroccan lamps, candles, wall art, found items, possessions that tell a story, antiques, tapestries… to name just a few!


All objects come together to create a collage that tells the unique story of the resident.


Minimalist furnishings



The polar opposite of boho, minimalism requires less to create its gallery-style aesthetic. As its name suggests, it’s about keeping the number of objects down. The style demands high-quality furnishing that stands the test of time and removal of all clutter.

You’re creating something functional with subtle warmth to keep your home feeling homely and less like a furniture store display.

This style employs negative space to give a sense of calmness, letting light travel through the space unrestricted. There is a law of balance that has to be obeyed, with elements placed in a grid-like fashion encircling a central focal point.


High-quality furniture, clean lines, pendant lights, LED lights and family heirlooms.


The colour palette adopts neutrals in a few different shades. You can make use of an accent colour to make certain elements pop. Feel free to create a bold feature wall.


Textured fabrics such as furs and hides make for a cosy minimalist room. Adopt prints in graphic patterns to continue the theme of clean lines. This style makes use of what is already there such as alcoves, beams and original features.


Large cushions, statement pieces in the form of oversized vases, and rugs in graphic prints. Create a focal point in the space, which could be a fireplace or a selection of wall art. Storage solutions are also part of the décor to keep clutter out of sight.  Accessories can be changed periodically.


Calm, ordered with a sense of space and no clutter. Everything has its place, even if it’s out of sight. Minimalism is free from distractions and all about serenity in the home.


Vintage living room



Vintage is the interior designer’s homage to any period between 1940-1960. You need to pick your decade and select the look that is most pertinent to that era. While taking elements from this time, you can still mix it up with more modern elements in a way that provides consistency.

Each vintage interior is unique, combining flea market finds with more ornate and luxurious finishes. Vintage is cosiness, romance and quirkiness. Quality is an essential component for any antique additions, so choose wisely.

Vintage welcomes pastels into a space with an old-fashioned furniture piece at the centre. Vintage can be minimalist or a halfway point between minimal and its time-travelling sibling, bohemian.


Consider accent pieces such as a four-poster bed for your bedroom or a tea table set for your living space. Furniture needs to be sturdy and in a good state of repair, so no woodworm or rot.  Mirrors and artworks also complement a vintage interior. This style invites opulence and glamour in a way that is not shared by the minimalists, so for lighting, don’t shy away from a luxurious chandelier.


This depends on the period you are paying tribute to. Pastels are popular for today’s vintage stylists, but you can also opt for rich reds or quirkier bright colours to create an exciting contrast with period detailing.


As this is vintage, woods and metallics make sense in the space. Elaborate floral designs or playful polka dots can adorn your wallpaper, curtains and soft furnishings.


Get your hands on accessories that people were using during those two decades, such as a 1940s telephone or a typewriter. The objects don’t have to serve an actual purpose. A tea set is a must as it would be a shame to ruin the look with Tesco mugs.


Vintage marks the golden age of post-war Britain, a time of hope during the birth of the welfare state. Keep this optimism in mind with playful accessories and a joyful colour palette, a tea set and cake a stand to welcome visitors to a warm, cosy and vibrant interior.


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