How to Freshen Up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

With payday here after a month of drought, you’re probably ready for a good night out and a splurge in your favourite shops.

Or maybe you’re just grateful to be back in the black and can finally get a chippy tea without feeling guilty. At least not about spending the money.

So now you’ve finally got rid of the presents you never actually wanted. Marie Kondo has stirred up a sorting phase throughout your house. You’ve even polished off all the foodie leftovers from Christmas, not to mention the chocolate treats. And perhaps your home has become a little bare.

With the daylight extending to 5 o’clock now, it only reveals the HD reality that your house is maybe in need of some new year TLC.

Because we thought you might be feeling this way, here are some affordable ways to put that spark back into your home and make you fall in love with it again.

Think small

Forget expensive items like sofas, carpets and fire surrounds. Change what you know you can afford to change. Colourful items that can easily be replaced such as cushions, throws, candle holders and photo frames can freshen up your home without you breaking the bank. Therefore, top up these smaller accessories and have some fun recreating the colour palette of your sitting room.

Repurpose older items

If you’ve got ornaments, vases or jars lying around, you can give them a makeover using acrylic or glass paints. How about purchasing glass painting pens to personalise your items in gold, silver and rose gold for a regal effect? You could use up some old wine glasses, style them with your glass painters and add some beads inside for interest.

Swap around

You could try getting all the accessories and small furniture items in one room and moving them to the other. It’s a level up from simply rearranging your room and much more fun!

Buy affordable artwork

Not all artwork has to cost you thousands! Many local artists sell their paintings for less than a hundred pounds, and if they sell prints of their work then it is even less. You can buy beautiful prints for around £30 in some places if you target local artists. Get online for your nearest art seller. By replacing the art in your home, you can liven up your interior with hardly any effort or expense.

Do it yourself

There are discount stores on the high street such as the Works which sell affordable art materials. This means you can have a go at creating a design on canvas with paints such as acrylics, gouache or watercolour. You can reuse old fabrics to invent a unique collage or sew found items such as buttons onto the canvas. The kids could get their hands dirty too, and you could present these on a feature shelf of their stunning work.

Get a shelfie

Shelfies are trending and are a huge social media craze, but people have been doing this a lot longer than the word or even social media itself has been around.

Think of grandma’s house when you were a child. Perhaps she had her treasured china plates underscored with doilies on her shelves. Maybe these were surrounded by photos of weddings past or of the grandkids. She would then punctuate them with the odd book or candlestick.

Shelfies have mainly been associated with elaborate tomes arranged in colour order. Now, however, home design lovers have branched out into creating displays with anything and everything using a theme such as a colour or a trend.

If you’ve not got any money to do a full restyle on your room, simple ideas like a shelfie can make it look different and interesting.

Use a Community RePaint Scheme

Let’s say you desperately need a paint job on your house and it cannot wait. Then you could search online for your nearest Community RePaint scheme. These are depots that house all sorts of leftover paint or tins that the big retailers haven’t been able to sell. As a result, these schemes stop this extra paint ending up in landfill, and it is a cost-effective solution to decorating your home.

Find yours here:

Rotate your accessories for the future

We’ve suggested before that fashions come and go in cycles, and if you’re a savvy buyer, you can simply store your items in a storage unit and rotate the accessories from time to time. That way, in a few years, your home will not simply be on trend, it will also have vintage appeal.


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