How Self-Storage Can Help You Over the Christmas Season

It’s lauded as the most wonderful time of the year, and while we don’t intend to get into a debate about the merits of Christmas over any other time of the year, we wanted to acknowledge that even the “best times” come with their own stresses.

Typical anxieties come in the form or families we are planning to host for, or children of any age expecting a raft of presents that would put Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game to shame, for those old enough to remember. And yes, children of any age still expect a cuddly toy.

Other worry-inducing niggles include the preparations – food, decorations, magical activities for the young ones, acquiring a Santa costume.

It’s as well this is all just once a year, because you need the rest of the year to recover if you’re the organiser of such festivities in your household.

How can storage alleviate some of the burden of Christmas planning?

Somewhere to hide the presents

Whether you’ve got nosy kids or a nosy partner, finding a place to store your gifts can be challenging. Let’s face it, if someone is really determined, they will locate their presents lying around the house, in the garage or car. You have to be very creative to maintain the surprise.

With a small locker, you will have adequate space to place all those bags of presents for a very small fee.

Somewhere to store furniture

Making room for a Christmas tree, an extended table, extra chairs and an abundance of festive foliage and tinsel leaves you with little room for the beloved armchair inherited from Grandma. While you’ve got your house kitted out in full holiday décor, why not give your house back some breathing room by storing your excess furniture in a self-storage unit?

Likewise, during the big day itself, you’ll likely be using dining furniture or chairs that only come out once a year, so after the Christmas holidays, you can keep your self-storage room going.

Somewhere to put Christmas decorations

After we wave goodbye to Christmas for another year, you’ll be left with the task of packing away all the baubles, fairy lights, nativity scene and the artificial tree. Popping them in the loft is all well and good, but you can’t guarantee they’ll be in the best condition next year.

Be assured that your decorations will still look their best and reduce the risk of damage caused by leaks in the roof, birds moving in and mildew. How? Store them with Rent A Space, of course.

Somewhere to keep all your excess belongings

Every year, we seem to double our belongings. It’s difficult to throw things out, and when you receive even more from people you love, you can feel guilt over getting rid of them or not using them.

If you haven’t made provisions for this and you end up with too many possessions to keep in your home, you can rent a storage space with us until you decide what to do. We have some great articles to help you declutter when you feel ready.

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