Can Storage Help You Save For Your Dream Home?

Many of our storage users are people looking to move house.

Of those, there is a special place in our hearts for people who have taken the brave decision to leave rented accommodation, pack up their belongings and store them with us while they move in with parents, or future parents-in-law.

We acknowledge that it’s hard to save up a deposit for a new home while paying out rent month in month out. If it is possible to move back home temporarily while you save up a deposit, then it’s a great way to kickstart your savings.

Now, is renting space at Rent A Space while living at your mum’s an expensive plan?

Tenants in the UK are paying on average, £926 per month. That doesn’t include anything like Council Tax or your utilities, but let’s make this easy on ourselves.

If you move back home, you may want to pay mum a couple of hundred a month so she can treat herself, and let’s say you’re paying the same amount for storage, you’re still left with £526 to put towards your savings.

So you need to save a deposit of £25,588 pounds (random number, but it’s the national average!) and you do nothing else except save £526 a month, you will be able to put that down payment on your dream house in four years. Don’t forget, we haven’t even taken into account the money you’re saving not paying Council Tax, utilities or internet, plus all the other good savings tricks we’ve already told you about.

In short, storage is the easy solution to transitioning from rented accommodation to owning your own home.

And for those living near our Shrewsbury store, it’s even easier to put towards your house fund as for the first eight weeks, self-storage is half price. Call today to find out more. 

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