Business Spotlight: Raw Pet Food Shrewsbury

Once again we catch up with one of the businesses that make Rent A Space a community hub.

Raw Pet Food Shrewsbury has been with us since November 2018 and provides raw, natural treats for cats, dogs, snakes, ferrets and birds. Rachael chats to us and lets us in on this raw food trend for furry critters.

Although it might not be to everyone’s tastes, pets go wild for these treats, and they even have advantages for owners too. The treats are all natural and contain no additives or fillers. The ingredients are simple: meat, bone and offal. It sounds a little less than delicious, but raw food generally better for your pet’s health, and for the owner, it means a reduction in poor behaviour and less bad smells in your cosy home. Therefore, it’s a win-win!

During our chat, Rachael shows us one of the most unusual items she has in stock: a pizzle. But she leaves it open to the audience to guess what this might be. Besides pizzles, other strange items on the shelves include deer legs and lambs’ legs.

Rachael has been really happy with her retail unit at Rent A Space Shrewsbury so far and has additionally taken out a business storage room behind her shop for easy access to and storage of stock.

The location is beneficial as she has customers from other businesses and people using household storage units. She loves the top-notch security we are able to provide courtesy of Taybar Security, who are also based on site. More about these guys in our next post.

When you take a storage unit with Rent A Space, you’re not just getting affordable, easy access to storage, you can get to know some unusual businesses that you wouldn’t stumble upon on the local high street.

Get to know some fascinating businesses when you book your storage unit.


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