Business Spotlight: Julie Nicholas Florist – Commercial Space and Storage Customer

We chat to our very own Julie Nicholas Florist, who takes out business storage and commercial space in Shrewsbury Rent A Space. Julie provides flowers for weddings, funerals and special events and is highly skilled in all aspects of floristry.

She’s been with us the whole time we’ve been open. That’s three years! And we’re very happy to have her with us. She started off renting some storage space, which later expanded into her own little shop for Rent A Space customers to pop into whenever they want to treat themselves or their loved ones to some beautiful bouquets.

In fact, she wasn’t looking for commercial space in Shrewsbury. Julie was working from home until her eagled-eyed little boy spied our premises being built. Now Rent A Space is her business home.

One of the things Julie loves most about Rent A Space is the 24-hour access to the storage facility. With a key for the shop and a code for the business storage room, she can be in and out as late as 3pm. Essential flexibility if you’re a florist.

Julie has thrived in her commercial space and has become a part of the community hub with locals now supplying her locally-grown foliage.  That means each customer is going away with a little bit of Shrewsbury in their bouquet.

Romance in Shrewsbury and Beyond!

We’re very pleased to hear that romance is very much alive and kicking in Shrewsbury and around the world, as Julie gets lots of requests for work, not just for weddings and special occasions, but for the ad hoc bunch of flowers to surprise a loved one, including a lovesick Naval officer who rang Julie from the middle of the ocean to order some blooms for his wife.

Now the burning question is, what do you buy for a loved one on Valentine’s Day? You can order roses, but a popular alternative is, in fact, tulips. Otherwise, you can pick what you like. The only rule is you should buy what you know they are going to love. That may mean some deft research if you don’t know the answer to that question!

Julie is a keen ambassador for Rent A Space, always recommending us when she hears of people looking for space. We think one great reason to store your goods with Rent A Space is the fact you get to meet Julie and peruse her wonderful selection of flowers. Wouldn’t they just cheer you up after a tough day?

Follow Julie on Facebook or check out her website.

If you’ve got a business that’s causing havoc in your home or you’ve got a lot of household items, request a quote to see what we can offer you, or pick up the phone to chat to our friendly team.


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