Brand New Rent A Space Website

Brand New Rent A Space Website

We’re delighted to announce our brand-new website is live with some exciting new features as well as an upgrade to the old ones. Here’s what you can expect.

Clean Look & Feel + Easy Navigation

The first thing you’ll notice once you land our new home page is the cleaner look and feel to help you navigate the site more smoothly and quickly get an insight into the experience of being a storage tenant.

More Information on Storage

We’ve separated out our categories of home and business storage so you can go directly to the type you want, whether it’s warehouse storage, storage for students or for a house move.

New Videos

Who wants to read through a monotonous wall of text when you can watch videos instead? There’s a reason Netflix is more popular than reading books, so we’ve taken that on board by adding brand new videos that give you a virtual tour of our facility.

Get A Price

Get your form in thirty seconds with our quick and easy form. No need to pick up the phone and speak to a human for an answer. Although please do if you want.

Live Chat

We understand you don’t always know what you’re going to need before you’ve had a chat with one of our storage experts, so we’ve got various ways you can get in touch with us, including live chat. You’ll get a response during office hours and after that, you can leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.

FAQs Page

Get the answers to your burning questions before you even have to ask them with our informative FAQ page. We’ll regularly update these queries to reflect what our customers want to know most.

Not One but Two Size Guides

Many of you will be familiar with our old size guide, but we’ve taken it up a gear.

You can see how much a storage unit can accommodate with our simple size guide, but that doesn’t necessarily tell you how much you need to store your belongings. Our new interactive size guide lets you pick out the items you’re going to store and will tell you how which storage unit you actually need, whether that’s a washing machine or ten, a few tables and chairs or a skeleton in your closet. That’s got to be even better than coming into our premises to see our units with your own eyes.

Do have a look around the new site and enjoy. Let us know what you think – Leave a comment on our Facebook Page and tell us what feature you like best.

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