6 of the Biggest 2019 Design Trends to Look Out For

Depending on what you read, you will find contradictory advice on what trends to keep in mind this year compared to last year.

This can be attributed to fashion fatigue on the part of the interior designers who work in the field, who are exposed to the same styles daily,  and so they become bored. Whereas for us non-design pros at Rent A Space, we are still only just getting excited about all things Rose Gold and Millennial Pink.

But stick with us. We’ve done our research, so we can help you orientate your decorating brain towards the most notable advances in home décor for 2019.

A Step Away from Minimalism

While decluttering is still very much the thing to do, with Marie Kondo leading the tidying generation, cold stark minimalism is losing out in favour of a more personal approach to decorating. White is still a great colour to use as a background but is being complemented by jewel-coloured accents and bright feature walls, including loud geometric prints.

Nature and Sustainability

The outside-inside trend is very much growing, with designers opting for indoor plants as a statement piece. Not only that but natural fabrics, wood and stone are essential ingredients for a restful sanctuary that contrasts with our techy lifestyle. Sounds perfect!

Floral Designs

Printed flowers are in full bloom on the feature walls of many homes now, leading us to believe the 70s are not such a distant memory after all. Bring out the flairs and platforms everyone. Shying away from colour and bold patterns is becoming old hat. Now, you mustn’t be afraid to make your mark on your home ambiance.

All that Glitters Ain’t Rose Gold

Metallic accents on furniture, chair legs, lamps and fittings was a 2018 trend, but the metals are changing from rose gold and matte silver to brass and copper. Art Deco is a come-back style that embraces metallic finishes and will be prevalent in various homes this year. Keep your eye out.

Acceptance of Opulence and Personality

Plain decor with not much going on is stepping on the plane and going far away from our homes. Now it’s all about inviting opulent furniture and prints back into our abode so we can indulge in our craziest whims with no sense of shame. Curved furniture has returned to our lives and maximalism is a must. If it’s something you really want, 2019 is the year to have it in your life. Even if it’s a four-poster bed.

Layering Different Styles

Mostly, though, the rulebook has been thrown out. With a Boho revival after a 15-year hiatus, layering styles is very in. Is there more than one trend you really love? Mixing and matching styles is the thing to do, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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