10 Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Day Bill for a Happier Start to Married Life

10 Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Day Bill for a Happier Start to Married Life

At Rent A Space, we love life events such as getting your new home, welcoming new family members, and of course, weddings.

Yet, we know how difficult it is to plan for these momentous occasions as all of them require a reasonable outlay.

It’s with this in mind that we looked into some ways you can have your wedding cake and eat it for a beautiful, memorable wedding day that doesn’t require years of saving up.

If you’re eager to seal the deal with your betrothed, look no further than these gems for cutting the cost of your big day.

Don’t have a sit-down meal

We all know how overrated the three-course meal is, with people opting for a compromise that will neither enthrall nor offend.

Instead, consider a less traditional option, such as a barbecue or a buffet. You also don’t need as many catering staff, just a few servers to ensure Uncle Fred doesn’t overdo it on the spare ribs.

Explore wedding cancellations

Last minute dates can arise when a wedding has been cancelled so if you’re flexible with the day and date of your wedding, look into this as an option for a cheaper deal. Websites such as canceledweddings.co.uk give you a range of wedding services and packages from couples who have sadly had to cancel their own special day. It’d be a shame to let it go entirely to waste!

Pick a less popular day of the week

Again, if you’re happy to get married every day of the week, think about booking your wedding on a day that’s not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Also, consider the month – If you’re happy to forgo the summer wedding, then try booking your date for between December and March. You can save thousands on your wedding venue if you’re flexible with the date.

Keep guests to your nearest and dearest

It’s hard to leave people out when you have a large family, but it’s common knowledge that guests drive the cost up, not just for catering but for the size of the room you want to hire. Therefore, keep the preparations minimal and only invite the people you know care about you rather than every one of your Facebook friends and their plus ones.

Ask for help instead of gifts

A lot of couples don’t really need a plethora of household goods as they often have these items. What they do want, however, is help to pay for the wedding expenses and their honeymoon. Guests understand this, so why not ask for money in place of gifts you aren’t desperate for?

Hire wedding suits instead of buying them or just buy a plain suit

If the groomsmen want top hats and tails, they can hire the suit instead of purchasing them. However, your best bet is to keep the wedding costumes simple by getting people to wear their own suits or buying them from Burton Menswear or similar. Then they can always wear their suits again in the future.

Buy the bridesmaid’s dresses on the high street

Most bridesmaids hate their wedding dresses anyway, so why spend lots of money just to torture them? Get them a dress they will want to wear again from the high street for around £30 per dress and let them wear their own shoes. Try online retailers such as Amazon or ASOS or high street names such as Debenhams and Next. Also, don’t have too many bridesmaids!

Buy the wedding dress second hand

Most wedding dresses only get worn once and so are in perfect condition to adorn a different bride. Charity shops and online sites such as eBay can offer a selection of ideal garments to monopolise the spotlight on the big day.

Get making

Now is the time to channel your inner Meghan Markle and start crafting your personalised calligraphic invites, place cards, seating plan, and other wedding stationery. In addition, you can think about taking a DIY approach to wedding favours as well as the cake and the food on the day. Don’t know how to do calligraphy? There are reasonably priced wedding stationery workshops everywhere for aspiring brides, so why not book on one?

Get by with a little help from your friends

Do you have any friends who can help you with your mission? Everyone knows someone who is a DJ or who can take photos. We’re not saying rip your friends off. After all, they have to make a living. If they’re good enough to help you on your wedding day, they’re good enough to be paid for it! However, if they can knock a few pounds of the final bill, or if they want to do it as a wedding present for you, then all the better.

Need somewhere to store those copious wedding gifts while you ditch the old ones? Check out your options for household storage.

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